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breaking LJ silence...for a song.

Oct. 21st, 2009

Kinda blah about livejournal these days. I pop on periodically to read blog posts, but most people seem to have taken it to facebook, as have I. I'll probably still read, but rarely post.

Tonight I was listening to the podcast of NPR's All Songs Considered, a guest DJ set from a few weeks back with producer Tucker Martine. It's really odd- he played "Some Velvet Morning", which is a song by Lee Hazlewood sung with Nancy Sinatra, but I never knew that was the original. I am very familiar with a cover version that I don't own, but used to hear a lot. I can't remember where and I can't remember when and I don't know who by....it's one of those things where you're hearing a song you've never heard before, then suddenly realize that you know the words that are coming next. That unsettling moment when you realize that, odds are, the song you really liked and knew is a cover song.

Very interesting to hear that song and then think about the fact that the guy who picked it to play is the producer of The Decemberists' "Hazards of Love," album. Makes some of the mixing choices on duet tracks very clear, all of a sudden.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled radio silence.

Aug. 15th, 2009

For those of you who aren't on Facebook or Twitter....Maddie was put to sleep today. We are now a one cat family. I don't really feel like getting into the whole situation, but there were diabetes complications. We miss her already.

A woman I knew in college, a friend of a friend, is on America's Got Talent, and made it to the semi-finals. So very weird. She and her partner/husband do a very acrobatic, athletic, and graceful dance number. It's seriously good. You should watch. It's not even two minutes long.

And this totally ramps up my Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon/Any Random Celebrity. Me to Zoe to David Hasselhoff....

Jul. 24th, 2009

Happy birthday, ladygwyn! We here at Casa De Hippygoth wish you much love.


At Matt's birthday-ice-cream-sundae gathering, I was trying to explain the tv show Yo Gabba Gabba! to some people - basically, it's a show that features people in foam monster suits. But it is sooooo much cooler than it sounds. Past musical guests have included Mates of State, Ting Tings, and The Shins. Oh, and Biz Markie is a regular contributor, with Biz's Beats.

and sometimes, Jack Black is a guest star.

The one episode I have DVR'd is the Jack Black episode - the season ended right after I got my DVR. So we watch the Jack Black episode over and over and over. It's AWESOME!

I can't find any high quality videos of the Jack Black songs, but Jezebel has a couple videos. Go watch. It's worth it, I promise.

lotsa random.

Had a nice visit today with Auntie ladygwyn. Got to show off Charlotte and my garden. Didn't get to show off my husband whipping cream (heh, sounds dirtier than it is), but that's cool, too. Still haven't really taken pictures of the garden, but here's what we planted in our community garden plot and in our window boxes:

tomatoes (3 kinds)
green peppers
tabasco peppers
lemon balm

Here's what's actually growing: everything but sunflowers, watermelon & strawberry. Or rather, that's what is green (or red, in the case of the lettuce). Nothing has any flowers yet (one marigold), but we've been eating radish and arugula salads like it's our job.

Charlotte is amazingly hilarious, spouting ridiculous words just for fun, like "delicious." As in, "Delicious yogurt, Mama." And "be careful." Which is hilarious because she NEVER is.

...and because posting Sesame Street videos is fun...Collapse )

I've apparently lost the knack of posting anything that isn't a tweet or a facebook status. Oh well.


more sesame street.

Today's Sesame Street featured Neil Patrick Harris as the Fairy ShoePerson. The best clip I could find was for his song-and-dance number, which is below. If you want the full NPH bit, but in crappier quality, it's below the cut.

NPH Fairy-Suits up!Collapse )


Mostly for morgansong

There is so much awesome to be found on Sesame Street. These two bits are my favorites from episodes I've seen recently.

Mike Rowe - Dirty Jobs, Sesame Street:

Oscar's Grouch theater group performs "Scramalot":